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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To us bad gurls - We ride together, we live together!

Life is a journey, 
The long drive of ours, 
Thru the hustle bustle of the jungle city , 
Or the peaceful drive in the serene country. 
Sometimes we have to pull up, 
Just to recharge or boost up, 
Come rain or shine, 
Don’t give up. 
Have that destination in your mind, 
And continue with the holy crusade of divine. 

Along the way you will meet different kinds of soul, 
One that is sincere, heartfelt and truthful, 
Or one that is awful, terrible or mortally dreadful. 
Be aware with these strangers you meet, 
Pretending to be your friend right up from the street, 
Watch your back or you will end up in blazing heat. 

Life is a long run 
Every adrenaline pumping strive u take 
Determines how u end the perfect match-make 
The feelings of rigidity, strained and overwrought stress 
Leaving you nothing but a disarray predicament mess 
Haunting your mind and soul with an agonizing pain 
Asking you to halt, stop or even quit the race again 
But honey, what people pain no gain, 
You’ve just gotta try out for the qualifying sprint 
And hope u will not fall down with an embarrassing spin 

Just don’t wear your heart on the sleeve, 
Shows you are vulnerable which they will perceive, 
Ahhh...but I guess this is life, and I’m just an actress, 
Put on my happy mask after a night of bawling tears, 
Every day I get up and dress up with a pinch of affection, 
Hence audience, the show is starting......., 
SShhhh silence ...‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ 

( Special pass to the backstage anyone? Not recommended for people w health problem!) 
-fuzzlyn (Aug 09) 

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