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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A sorrow heart disguising in the night,
Hunting out for her soul that lost in the light,
Reaching out for help no one came to her plight,
Dragging her feet back to life with all her might.

What can a soul do to ask for assistance?
She wondered around proving her existence,
But people looking as if saying good riddance,
She sunk to her knees submitting to her irrelevance.

I am a nobody but that is okay,
Whining and mopping is not my forte,
Nevertheless my children is all I care,
To let unjust do unto them is so unfair.

All these years I struggle and strive,
To become a good mum that's all i thrive,
Yet day by day I feel I'm failing,
Too much burden I feel i'm drowning.

Help me God, My world is upside down,
Up and down like a merry go round,
Tossing and turning deep in the ground,
Smile my dear don't let they see you frown.

They see me smile, they see me happy,
Behind closed doors they don't see me teary,
Even if they do, they don't give a fry,
People love to hate, love to see you cry.
- Fazlin Basri 2014

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