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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Have you ever feel that you are alone in this world, and nobody understands you?
Feeling empty inside, try to reach for someone but nobody hears you?
So empty and lonely, willing people to listen, to feel that you are human too
Nobody knows, nobody cares. Not even your own folks , asking how do you fare.
" You always bring problems and your problems everywhere " 
" Why cant you listen to me, do as I say! I guarantee you will have nice news to share"
So here I am torn between two; husband said this is what u do, but my mama said do it MY WAY coz u dont have a clue! 
Which one should I choose, which one should I follow?
I am confuse lad, lost in a hollow
Why oh why must I fall for this trap? I kept on walking in circles tho with the help of a map

They say its all happening due to your sin in the past.
Right from the day you were born, til today it will last
So I am to blame for my parents divorce, my own divorce and now the discipline that I enforce
On my own kids due to the fact that they lied to me and the consequences they have caused

It brings you down it brings you sorrow
the fact that your own family let you down, no support to borrow
They always see the failure you have made, they dont see the stake that you paid
Being a teacher, I guess doesnt bring you good. 
Thot they will respect you more but instead they poke your mood
" You dont know how to raise your kids, you dont know how to get them to salute"
They are abandoned, they ignored
All you do as a mother is sleep and snore...
- Fazlin Basri 2014

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