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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

All I want for my birthday ..... - fazlin 14 Jun '09

My Dear Allah, 
All I want is.. 
A time to share.. 
A time to play... 
A time to feel joy n happiness 
A time to forget n beg for forgiveness. 

For my 32nd birthday, 
I wish that all my good dreams n asspiration will come true, 
Though at this moment all I'm feeling is blue 
My tempreture is rising due to the flu 
My head feel like exploding, n heavy too. 

Allah please give me my health back 
I wanna feel happy not sad 
Though I have to admit I kind of punish myself 
To feel physically bad so that I wont go mad. 

But I guess its just another birthday 
Dont care about it, just go my way 
Be happy and be merry thats what they say 
Coz u are wat u think u are n they stilll say wat they wanna say 

I have my wish list ready if u wanna see 
I'm gonna make sure i will get it n i will ever be 
The person that i see in my mind wen i was a baby 
Determine with wat i want, persistence is in me 

With your consent Ya Allah, 
i willl fulfill my dreams, 
Be it thru watever weather its gonna be 
Counting the moment wen i look back and say.. Thank you allah for believing in me! 

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