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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Life is a story, 
Which has happy ending or heart-rending, 
Like Romeo and Juliet, or so it was said, 
That cuts the heart to slices like a razor-sharp blade, 
Had my heart -wrenching share of bloodshed, 
Would not go there anymore I solemnly pledged. 
Who needs a heart if the heart can be broken, 
But I can’t lie to myself, think my heart is taken, 
By a forbidden fruit in a land God forsaken! 

So how do I know this one is for true? 
Or just a love game created for two? 
Didn’t run this far just to fall down again, 
Didn’t go this far just to get hurt again. 

Like the water fountain in the spring, 
Flowers blooming, cool breeze whispering. 
Like the river flowing to the sea, 
Birds chirping and buzzing bees. 
Looking from the eye of an innocent soul, 
The story of her true love untold, 
Like a beggar begging for a piece of coal, 
To warm herself up in the winter cold. 

Dear Stranger, 
Please, do be sincere, truthful and profoundly kind, 
To my heart that is regal, majestically divine. 
I am not that strong , 
and I don’t have the strength, 
To withstand, fight, struggle in love tussle again. 
Though they say ‘All’s fair in love and war’ 
But What is fair? and What love is for? 
So atrocious, vicious, quite appalling.., 
As it is heavenly glorious, charmingly fulfilling. 

Upon receiving my heart I hope u know, 
How to handle it with care and not to give me sorrow. 
To have my heart dear, is so astounding, 
As I have build a wall to fend myself from falling. 
Guess you’ve gotten my attention, Stranger, 
So use it wisely, don’t waste your providence dear, 
Opportunity only happens once, not in every year, 
Take a step further, darling, so you don’t live in fear. 
( It’s your call, take it or leave it, Stranger) 

-fuzzlyn (Aug 09) 

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