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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

He LOVES Me...He Loves me NOT

He loves me, he loves me not..

Every girls' dream is to find her knight in shining armour. Since we were small, we love to watch princess stories and fairy-tales. We feel something wonderful when the prince charming sweep her off her feet. We want to have that happy ever after.

So, off we go in quest for true love. Tall, dark, masculine and handsome. Those are the criteria. Every boy we meet, we calculate in our head the possibility of this person being our prince charming. Adding one point every time he does something right. Unfortunately, we get disappointed almost all the time. Little did we know that boys are not build that way. They play toy cars, figurines and games. they are into planes, soldiers and adventures. They do not care of the opposite gender. Even realising we exist. Now, when they hit puberty, then they start to realise they are such gender as girls. But as this point, they have no clue whatsoever on how to handle this fragile creatures. Like Ken and Barbie, good looks attract good looks. Hence, the hottest boy in town often go for the hottest girl available (or not). 

Why do we perceive life as such? I wonder. Why we girls are brought up that way? Thinking that life is a fairy-tale? Let's say we did catch our prince charming in our teens. What do we do to make sure that he truly belong to us? After high school, we are expected to continue our studies to tertiary level. If we are lucky, we get to go to the same place. If not... Let me share you a secret. From my observation, we girls tend to do anything to secure our future with our new-found Mr. Right. But how far are we willing to go? To the extend of loosing our virginity? Of course our Mr. Right is all about that. Boys seen us as that. Sad but true. How many of these 'Mr. Right' has the patient to wait until the wedding night? He would go to another ever willing girl that is for sure. Or he will lure you into submitting. 

One thing I learn now is that whatever, however it is, we ladies are in the loosing end. I will get to that later on. Okay, let's play pretend. You are an average looking lady and you somehow catch the hottest boy in a well-known boys' school. You feel wonderful, your self-esteem increased. But he needed to go abroad to further his studies. So you give him that sweet deal. He promised to marry you the soonest he comes back. You feel your Happily ever after is coming. Years passed, both of you graduated with honours each with respectable job waiting. You feel dreams do come true. You got married, the happiest day of your life. Next, come your little offspring with him. Money is not so much of a problem because both of you are working with great pay. Life is good as your children too are getting good grades.

But little did you know that your husband is a ladies' man... he has at least 5 affairs since you married him. Reason being, he feels he is good looking therefore he can't accept being in a monogamous relationship. Or.. you can't keep up with his sexual needs. How do you feel? But you are still safe since you don't know or don't want to know about his other life. As the saying goes ; " What the cow don't know, the bull is not going to tell her" Or something like that.

Which one do you prefer? In the know or in total darkness where you can live happily ever after?
I prefer to know. I cannot accept the fact that I am being made a fool of. So how do you know whether he loves you or not? Is it enough that he is willing to take you as his wife? Or the fact that he is investing in you and kids? 

Are we supposed to forgive our husbands if he astray? I'm not saying all men are like that but this is what I have been observed throughout my 38 years of living. I see even beautiful ladies get jilted. Some ladies are fortunate enough to have their man on their own. But I do not believe in ladies projecting that their life is a bed of roses. It is either you have this but you don't have that. It is life after all.. like the french say : Cést La Vié

Don't forget to write about you and share it with us or ask me. Til we meet again, Take care lovely ladies 

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