Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The world we live in is changing,
No more hi and bye exchanging greetings
Not even hand-waving or nodding
To each other in the mornings

Look around you and tell me,
What is going on recently?
With snatch-thieves and road -bullies
To survive like animals in the safari

Reading the news will haunt you
All negative headlines-Is that true?
Newborn babies found already in blue
Don't you feel sad? Coz I do

Recently students found dead in his dorm
Because of a towel, I was informed
He kicked him so hard, so out of norm
With that in his mouth, bubbles formed

But our country leaders are too busy
Too busy to notice this kind of nitty gritty
For they want what is theirs, So do we -
Continue condemning each other openly

O' Allah living in this world so terrifying
Afraid of the world we are living
No more love no more trust no more caring
It's all about what can I get, what can you give in

I'm just a teacher , who am I kidding?
I'm a nobody, a faceless creature, not even a VIP
Some people even think they do not need me
"We don't need teachers, we can think freely"

Can we practise what we preach?
Can we use the knowledge that we teach?
Or give in to the devil and be a freak
Where is the love?? I'm afraid to speak

#whereisthelove #malaysia #freemalaysia

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